Point Clouds in the Cloud

The initial result of a 3D scan collected by a depth sensing device is generally a large point cloud. Voxxlr provides infrastructure to publish that point cloud online using only a standard web browser. It takes as little as 15 minutes from the time a scan has been collected until it is available online.

The Voxxlr web portal provides an editor to create a presentation of the point cloud as well as a lightweight viewer to then share that presentation with stakeholders. While the editor provides a powerful interface to define navigation functions and annotate the 3D environment, the viewer hides much of that complexity with an easy to navigate interface.

The follow link leads to a scan presented in the Voxxlr viewer of a mining quarry collected using a senseFly eBee drone. There are various active areas within the scene that open annotations, move measurements and change viewpoints.

With the hosting and visualization infrastructure firmly in place, the development at Voxxlr is now shifting towards additional analysis and publishing tools. Please don't hesitate to suggest features that are important in your line of business. We are now also looking for participants in pilot projects. As Voxxlr is still in beta, there is no charge and special care is taken to address the needs of individual participants.